Excuse Me Please

March 27, 2013


Though I do not go near as far as Ms. Michelle feels the need to go, I am perfectly comfortable to look my gayest friends in the eye and say “I love you but marriage isn’t for you”. I’m sorry; does that seem a bit too cruel or heartless? Did I really just deny those that love each other a right to a life at peace? I guess I did. I am not stupid in the sense that I believe that for me the rules will bend. I know I should be married to the man of my dreams and we shouldn’t have a household broken into different names, but we haven’t tied the knot yet. I DO NOT expect for the military to say “Oh well she is giving her best effort, let’s just let her have some medical benefits”. No sir I do not expect that. Why? Something’s are meant to have ground rules that never change. Family is the basis for every child’s future. It is the beginning of it all. It is where we come back home too when life out in the world is too much. There are certain rules we have to abide by to have this to work out correctly.
Now, I know I must sound pretty judgmental. But let me finish before you judge ME. If family and home are at the beginning and so very important, why are we allowing such a detrimental pull on the life of family. We hear it said all the time “Nobody stays together anymore”. Our families, the young families of today are in trouble. Everyone wants to be considered married without being married. They want a flag that says how special they are. They want so desperately to find a reason for someone, anyone, and EVERYONE to see them and acknowledge them.
My boyfriend and I have been living together for two years. We are raising my two sons and living day to day as if we were the original. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…. But we are NOT married. We did not stand before a Justice and ask the Lords blessing on our lives. I refuse to “adapt” into marriage because it is a commitment between two, a man and a woman, who love each other enough to stand the tests of life. If we are trying to build the sanctity of marriage back up and make it a sacred vow again, then I’m sorry not only does homosexual marriages have to go, so does common law marriage and benefits to live-in others. You see it is not the Homosexuals that are corrupting us, but we have been corrupted to the point where…yeah why can’t they be in on this party too.
Well male relationships are 50% more likely to dissolve and female relations are 167% more likely to dissolve, is this really how we want to rescue marriage??? I understand people can love each other. Serial killers love their victims also. That does not mean it is right. It means I see marriage as a Holy covenant that a man and a woman enter into with the approval of God. HE created marriage, HE set the rules. I know I am not following them and can live without the tax breaks and medical benefits.
And just so I’m covered on this point too… It is not being homophobic in any way shape or form. I have several friends that are homosexual. Went to school with them and grew up with them not knowing until one day…surprise. I love them. I do not judge them. They do not shove their lives and beliefs down my throat and I do not do it to them, but when this question comes up I will hold my ground. Marriage is between a man and woman under the eyes of the Lord.

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