Get Prepared!!

April 2, 2013

Preparation.  It is the key to success in all we do.  When we are in Public Speaking our teachers tell us to prepare, know our speech and what we are speaking on and we will not go wrong.  When we take tests, we are told to prepare and study so we pass.  Why is our survival not on the same preparation list?  There are many reasons we should get prepared.  Disaster can strike at any time without notice and if we are unprepared our time for survival is limited. I intend to discuss who needs to be prepared, why, how, and will also go over some trianing you can do with yourself our your family, friends and pets!

Everyone should be prepared.  There is no one that escapes disaster.  However, there are a some people that will require more planning than others.  If you are elderly or unhealthy you may want to know your options as far as travel and staying put.  Which will be more realistic for you?  If you have no other choice but to bug out, what will be the best way for you to do that?  Who can you call and rely upon?  People with small children or a large amount of children, you will want to do some extra planning as well.  Kids require a lot more stuff.  Know what you NEED and what you don’t.  Kids also require rigid discipline and rules, train them early and train them well.  There is no need to feel like they are endangered or a heavy burnden.  They are completely capable of being reliable, you just have to teach them how to do it!!
Look around you.  How many natural disasters could happen at any point in time near your home, place of work or kids schools?  How many man-made disasters could happen?  Know your time limits.  How long will it take you to get from work to the school and then home?  Will you have time or should you have a midway point to stop if things get to hairy?  Read the news.  Everyday there is more and more bad news.  North Korea is making threats, the world is ready for nuclear havak.  Our Socialist Government is trying to take away our right to bear arms and protect ourselves.  The day that happens civil unrest will be unleashed and it will be hell.  Our dollar is steadily loosing its value and soon it will cost more to buy bread than you make in a week.  Are you prepared to feed your family?  Are you prepared to defend what you have left?  There are rumors of meteors too close to Earth.  There are droughts nation wide causing famine.  Do you know how to plant a garden and get water to it so it can grow?  Do you know how to find and dig up water when the water on our surface is dried up?  What about the simple fact that chaos is 9 meals away.  By that I mean simply that it takes only 9 meals to unravle society.  Each family has on average 9 meals saved away for a rainy day.  What happens when those 9 meals for the guy next door are gone?  He knows you have been planning and saving and he knows you are older and weak.  You are a sitting duck.  Get prepared.  Establish a plan.

Now that we see why it is important, we must understand what we need to do.  Getting prepared starts with lists!!  I love lists!  It keeps things prioritized and organized.  The first list you need to make is a call list.  Make a list of all family members, friends or important people that you may need to or want to contact if emergency arises.  Each person in your household needs to have this list so make copies!  Next establish your routes and meeting plan if disaster strikes while everyone is out to work and school.  Establish who will pick up the kids and who will grab supplies.  Get a map of your city/town and mark specific zones.  The zones you will want to label are danger zones due to population (this way if rioting is the emergency you know to avoid these areas), also due to inclament weather possibilities.  If you are prone to tornadoes know where to stay away from and where you are more protected, etc..  Just as importantly, zone safe zones.  Mark trusted neighbores or friends that have already offered to take you and your family in if need be.  Establish several zones so that if one is not reachable you are not out of options.  Next, put together an ammentities list.  Pack important things such as clothing, tooth brushes and paste, soap, slickers, jackets, extra shoes, sun block, bug spray, etc.  You know your family.  If you have an infant be ware that you may need to have favorite blankets, stuffed animals, toys and pacifiers to mantain peace at times.  Remember also that your survival will rely much upon your moral.  That being said don’t forget pictures, books or even small games that can keep your spirit up when it is easy to be down.  Pack or store enough water for each person as well.  Remember each person needs to have at least 1 gallon a day.  Check into cache’s or burrying supplies.  Also, do not make a plan to bug out or a plan to stay in.  Plan for both.  Many scenarios require you to run, while others may be more appropriate to stay.  Have your go bag ready but have your home prepared and dug in also.  Get a list together of what foods you have stock piled.  Know what you need to get and what you can do without.  Learn to make as much yourself as you can.  The more you can make the less you have to stock up on.  Flour can be bought in bulk along with yeast and salt, sugar and butter.  Bread is a good source of food and it can be easy to make, the same is for tortillas.  Remember, however, that power outages may knock out your stove and oven.  Have a back up plan for how you will cook.  Get your water storage started.  Water will be the biggest most impotant posession if it ever hits the fan.  There are AquaPod Kits found through Chearper than Dirt that will store 65 gallons of water, and it is collapsable, I blieve they cost around $20.  Next step, know where your home is weak and needing reinforced.  Have the necessary tools and supplies on hand to board up windows and doors as quickly as might be needed.  Know where your home is safesty and store the most valuable possesions there.  I know it is scary to think about but plan for home invasion.  Everyone must have a job.  The oldest child should gather the younger children and get them to the safest place in the house while you prepare to defend your home.  I know it is awful to think about, but teach your children gun safety and self denfense so they have a fighting chance if anything happens to you.

I am a firm believer that if we teach and learn the skill now when it is not important we will be that much more prepared when it is important.  Begin family training exercises.  Go on family hikes.  Scope out the local wilderness areas so you are familiar with the areas on your map.  Teach your children to think in stealth mode.  Teach them survival skills.  Learn to start fires with basic supplies, build shelters with tarp and fallen trees.  Learn to hunt, fish, and navigate.  Train your pets as well.  Teach them basic obedience skills such as sit, stay, lay, crawl, quiet.  Train everyone, including the dog, to carry their own packs and supplies.  Teach older children to be responsible and reliable for help with the younger kids.  Teach them to think like a warrior.  Warriors lack fear which is crippling, and they are strong in heart, body and mind.  Work together as a team and keep eachother going!!  In the end we will be our own worst enemy with our what if’s and if I had only’s, so get a head start and beat the negative!  You and your family are the strongest team you have!!!!!!!



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