Why the Good Guys

March 22, 2013

Why is the Government trying to take away guns from law abiding citizens….and not the criminals?? That’s a great question… A question I know many of us want answered. A question some of you don’t even really care about. You may have never even shot a gun and feel that it really makes no difference to you at all. You couldn’t be more wrong. This is not just about guns and our right to own them…it’s about so much more. So, again, why are the law abiding citizens under attack?

Perhaps it’s the simple fact that criminals are buy-able. I mean really, for a price these guys and gals will do anything or serve anyone. They have no moral guidance to tell them what is right or wrong and only care to benefit themselves. Rapists need to dominate, control and have power over their prey, yet they are cowardly and pushed around in the real world. Innocent victims that are unsuspecting are the only way they can be strong. Druggies need their next fix… Simple as that. They have to have it and they have to have money to buy it. Since they are so strung out and can’t seem to keep a job, your money is the best way, and if they’re hungry, well your food will work too. Your car, your clothes…it’s all up for grabs. Murderers, well they’re a breed all their own. They are a bit of it all. They have greed and a desire for power. The Government knows these people can be given the reigns, a fix, and little cash flow and they will “fix” the Government’s big problem…Us!

You see, we want justice, fairness and peace. Yes I said peace. We may be called warmongers, but really peace is what we desire. We are not going to be victimized though. We are not afraid to punish the villain. We want to see gang rapist be punished for ruining a young girl’s life. We demand that the villain BE the villain and pay the price. We will also refuse to be bullied into anything or become a victim. We stand up and say NO, we won’t take this. So we are a big threat to Washington control freaks, an even bigger threat if we have guns.

Or, perhaps, Washington has a “hero” complex going on. Maybe they want us to be so desperate for protection, and have nowhere to turn but to their comfy and cozy FEMA camps. They want us in a position where our children’s blood is running through the streets, but safety is just behind a locked gate…and only for the small price of being controlled. They want us so scared of the world around us that the special schools and loss of free speech seem a minimal and feasible price to pay.

However, it is my belief that the agenda is a sneaky one. I believe these are all helpful ways to use the criminals, but I think the biggest reason we are to be disarmed is simply this: While in chaos and destruction we are at our most vulnerable. When we are at war within, and on the verge of complete destruction and break down we can be taken over. One can claim ignorance of the previous leaders and rebels while making false promises. They will be pointing the blame with one hand while slowly grasping complete control with the other. Realize that while we are fighting a war over bread and safety, a dictator can walk in and seal the deal that easy. He will be the hero and our salvation…and eventually our death sentence.

This is not a battle just about guns. It’s not about being able to provide food or protection for your home. As I said, this is about so much more. Without YOUR gun you have NO power to defend or keep anything. That means your God given rights and freedoms will be taken from you as if you were a child being punished for lying to your mom or dad. I like knowing I am feared by my Government. If I am feared it means I have the control, along with my fellow citizens. It means WE are free. Free to pray as we want. It means we have a justice system that punishes the criminal and rewards the honest. It means there are schools that allow US the right to be a parent and provide discipline and guidance while they provide EDUCATION. If we are free we are respected.

Remember folks, that without your gun to defend your other rights…they will also be stripped from you and never given back. Do not make the mistake of believing this battle does not affect you. If we lose this battle we will lose the war.



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