The Road To Slavery

April 2, 2013
1861: "Slaves for sale, a scene in New Or...

1861: “Slaves for sale, a scene in New Orleans.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“To disarm the people is the best way to enslave them.” -George Mason

In the early 1900’s to mid fifties the right to bear arms was mainly a white person’s right. White racists believed that allowing African-American’s the right to own and use a gun gave them a dangerous step up in society. The mindset was that they were not good enough to have equal rights. By keeping African-Americans excluded from the 2nd Amendment they kept them under complete control. Blacks had no way to defend themselves against an armed white man, so therefore had no choice but to obey completely.

This is where we are heading right now.  Our Government and the U.N. are telling us we are not good enough to be given these freedoms.  They want us to hand over our weapons because we are an irresponsible and mentally ill society.  We cannot be trusted to have firearms and bullets.  Just like the racist Democrats of the early 1900’s wanted to keep blacks in their place and not let them get an education or have rights, the Liberals of today want the same things for us.  They want us to be dumb, poor and have no choice but to be obedient.  But they cannot get us to be those things if we have guns.

In 1958, Robert Williams, a retired Marine opened a chapter of the NAACP in Monroe, North Carolina. African-Americans in Monroe had been under severe attack by the Ku Klux Klan. In 1960 Williams applied for and was approved to start a chapter of the NRA there in Monroe. With the association’s help, training materials were provided and African-Americans were taught how to defend themselves. In Monroe, Mr. Williams and the local African-American’s successfully defended themselves against the KKK and local police.  They earned their freedoms and won their rights.  They soon thereafter became able to attend colleges and have jobs that paid real wages.  They still had rough times and racism died hard, but when they became able to defend themselves many lynchings stopped. The reverse will be our fate if we lose our rights and freedoms.  We would have no way to defend our homes from people who thought they were better than us or that we owed them something. More importantly we would not be able to stop them from taking away our remaining rights. Gun control is people control pure and simple.

Reverend William Owens Jr. stated that gun control is an excuse to carry out an ideology that is more evident and more anti-american everyday. The 2nd Amendment is what defines America, it is what sets her apart. Without our guns we would not be America. He then went on to call upon all races, religious beliefs and political parties to consider and agree upon one obvious thing. Without guns, without God, and without our Constitution America’s end will be quick, because when they change our Constitution they will take our guns, and when they take our guns they will then attempt to take our God.
We are steps away from being enslaved and there is no one in this world left to be heroes. If we go down this road we very well may never come back by these green pastures again.


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