Who’s Leading Your Household?

April 12, 2013

I look at the things going on in the world today and I wonder to myself, where have we gone wrong? Where have we let our vigilance go so bad that it is having this affect on our country, and our world? Just the other day a young boy of about nine sat next to my son who is also nine on the bus and attempted to push oregano in a bag off as marijuana to my son and some other boys on the bus. I am sickened, angered, yet most of all saddened by the simple fact that a nine year old boy had enough time that morning to get into his mothers cabinet and get a baggie full of oregano and put it in his backpack.  What’s more, this child so young KNOWS what marijuana is and how it is bought and sold.  I makes me wonder what he sees at home and what kind of influence his famiy is having on him.

Once upon a time the family was the strongest unit this country had. The strength of family is what got our ancestors through wars, depressions, and outbreaks of disease. Good fathers produced strong sons that were excellent soldiers. Good mothers produced poised daughters that kept their legs closed and their hands busy. What happened, and when?  What caused the change?

In the past, God was the center of the family. There is a lot of truth in the saying “The family that prays together, stays together”. A man took his wife and they built their family with their own hands and their hearts. They did not get married and go on Medicaid to give birth to a child that they needed food stamps to support. A man had to have a job to provide money and home to provide shelter for the woman he wished to marry. Together he and his new wife would make the four walls a home, adding and building as the family grew. They stuck together in tough times and when money was tight the kids worked to help out. Let’s see that happen now. Women want to be treated equally and therefore men have lost their leadership. Children are spoiled and if they have to work to earn their own shoes they are put out and labeled abused.

In the next few articles I will be looking deeper into the family unit. What made a man the head of his home and the woman his backbone. How together they provided leadership for their children and grew them into worthy and honorable American citizens. I will also look at why the strong family made America strong and why the deterioration of the family has deteriorated America. I will also attempt to determine the reasons family has been under attack for so many years and what the eventual goal is.

I believe this is an import topic right now. Our rights are being abused, the sanctity of the family and marriage is being shredded, and our Country is being torn apart. We have got to find away to fight back. Sometimes the only way is with a gun, but in this case we need God and ties that bind also.



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